Robin Laurén

Exploring my way out of Imposter Syndrome


Hi. I’m Robin. On the internets, i’m known as llaurén (which you can pronounce like “Robin” if you wish).

I work in the intersection of humans and technology. I used to study Human-Computer Interaction (HCI, related to Usability), later forked on to HCIsec (“Secure Usability”), and eventually became a Systems Administrator. Now i work at Reaktor, and i can’t think of a better place to work.

My weapons of choice are Mac, Linux and hugs. On the server side of things, i subscribe to the automate everything ethos, though i can’t say i automate everything with elegance. I do my best to write Puppet scripts and Ansible. I just discovered Terraform and i want to learn about Docker and Kubernetes.

When i’m not swamped in work, i tend to get Imposter Syndrome. Those two extremes aren’t the best to live with, so i’m working on both. I’ve come to the decision that everybody’s good at something – even me –, that nobody knows everything, and that if i want to become better at something, i can. And that it’s okay to admit it, and to ask questions. I will also blog about it, as an explorer, not as the authority.

While someone will always know more of something i write about, someone will also always know less, even if that someone just is old-me. If someone knows more than me, there’s also the chance that i too can learn more. This is what happened to me when writing about link aggregates (or “trunks”). I try not to be ashamed of my lesser knowledge, but rather try to enjoy that i’m learning.

I’ve overcome my fear of singing in public. I enjoy progressive music, tinkering with computers and excellent beverages such as coffee, beer and rum. I used to do radio, which i long back to from time to time. I’m allergic to furry animals, which is a shame, since i like furry animals (i have high hopes for gene therapy).

These pages are served on Gitlab Pages using the Hugo static web site generator and Gitlab Runner automation. This means that i edit stuff on any of my computers, push the changes to Gitlab, and if all goes well, the pages are updated. Boom. Near-magic. The layout is a bit uneven to my tastes. I’m working on fixing that.