Robin Laurén

Learning in Public

Help, It's Summer!

The good news is that summer holiday in Finland is four weeks, or as i have so many extra hours worked in, five. Five weeks paid holiday. Whoa.

Now what? I’ve been on high gear for so long that i have no idea what to do with all this liberty. I even passed the Elements of AI course (and got a certificate!).

I thought about learning Puppet 5. I thought about learning Python. I thought about learning Redis. Or how to talk to Redis with Python. All these things that might be useful for work but i never have the time to learn when i’m actually at work.

And then i realised that i don’t have to, and that it’s probably just better that i do things which are as far from work as i can. At least for a week or two. Then i can … maybe take a look at techy stuff again.

Instead, i can read. I can photograph. I can sing. I can watch stuff on Netflix that i’ve put on my list and not touched since. I can be outside. I can go for a jog (i don’t even know how long it was since i last jogged regularly). I can even blog, just not about techy things, at least not those that are about tech i use at work. Because it’s summer and because i can. I won’t say it’s easy, but sometimes spinning down from work can be … work. Just not the type i’m paid for.

And i’m paid for being recharged when this summer break is over.

Oh, and did you already take a look at this video? Heck, i might even cut together another one, and it’s way crazier! :)