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Hugo Composite Theming

Just recently, Hugo, the web site generator i use for this site, got a new feature: Composite theming. This means that you can build themes on other themes, or even do weird things like multi theme sites. I decided to try theme compositing just to change the fonts of my site.

This is my first attempt to composite theming with Hugo, so i may be very wrong in my assumptions, but the standard disclaimer is “it works on my computer” (which isn’t entirely right, as it also works on the Gitlab CI pipeline).

I first took a browse at Google Fonts and decided upon Source Sans Pro for my body text and bold Titillium Web for my headings. And then went to work.

In my site’s config.toml, i changed theme = "kiera" to theme = ["my", "kiera"] where my is what’ll become my customisations, or overrides, as i like to think of them at this time. Then:

cd themes
mkdir -p my/static/css
mkdir -p my/layouts/{partials,_default}
cp kiera/static/css/styles.css my/static/css
cp kiera/layouts/partials/header_includes.html my/layouts/partials
cp kiera/layouts/partials/aside.html my/layouts/partials

I then edited “my” copy of styles.css; added the line

@import url(',bold,regular+italic|Titillium+Web:regular,bold');

…and search-replaced the original fonts to the ones of my choosing. I also increased the line-height value for text in the #container main. Lo and behold, i now have new fonts! (well, at least i have them on my computer; i can’t actually see the final results before i publish this :)

I then changed some colours so that i get blue on link hovers and code with grey background instead of yellow or red.

To indulge my OCD (of which i have very little), i removed the link to the old fonts from header_includes.html and edited the .Date.Format for the posts’ publish dates in the aside.html and list.html files.

And that’s about it! My first theme customisation! If you want to do something similar, you’ll need to check the theme you’re editing since themes aren’t that standardised just yet. Still, this article should be able to serve as a starting point. Happy hacking :)