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Been singing

The last ten or eleven days, i’ve been on a music camp with my kids. Well, mostly it’s been the kids doing the music and me looking out during the night. But i was in the “adult ensemble”, where we practiced these two songs, Alta Trinità beata and I skovens dybe stille ro. The first of these is an old Italian religious song, the other a Danish folk song.

Since i’m not much of a singer and because i don’t read sheet music very well, i try to teach myself my stuff by transcribing the notes into a notation software (called MuseScore). To make my job easier, i also purchased a 50€ mini keyboard, and oh boy entering notes is faster with a musical keyboard than the one on a laptop.

I then set the other voices to pianissimo and export the song as a sound file.

Because sharing is caring, here are the notes:

…and the different voices for “Skoven”

I can create the voices for “Alta” if anyone needs.

Oh, and i sang Lazarus and Life on Mars with Folke Gräsbeck! If anyone got this on video on the Night Concert, i’d be delighted! :D

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