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Some Nice HP Switch Settings

I’m kind of fond of the HP (HPE/Aruba) 2530 series switches. They are mostly no-nonsense and fairly nice to configure from the command line.

Here are (some of) the settings i like to copy-paste to a HP 2530 console the first time i fire it up. Please substitute the stuff in UPPER_CASE to correspond to your environment.

If you’re a Friend Of Order, you might want to start your initial config with reset. I didn’t put this in the code below, in case one of us uses it over a ssh session (which would be … inconvenient).

Use a password manager and create (separate) passwords for manager and operator. Use the commands password manager and password operator to set these. You might want to use password manager plaintext YOUR_MANAGER_PASS if you promise me you don’t use the same manager password on more than one switch :)

So here’s a quick breakdown of the settings:

  • Give a nice hostname for the switch
  • Set all IP management traffic to be routed to your (management VLAN) gateway
  • Use encrypted protocols (i write about SSL certificates here)
  • Allow Manager and Operator to log in over ssh using keys (note that the public key must be ‘in single quotes’ to work)
  • Set logging settings; i use facility local0
  • Allow read-only snmp access (you may want better security here)
  • Use NTP for time synchronisation (you’ll need to be on a fairly recent firmware for ntp)
  • Set up a management VLAN and allow management only from this VLAN
  • Set telemetry to come from the management VLAN (or if you really want to, from a separate telemetry VLAN)
  • Set passwords for the manager and operator users

Add a port for your management VLAN, connect and update the firmware. I’m sure you could do this too over the command line, but my skills are finite.

And this i think more or less covers it. I’ll add to this post if i come to think of anything neat or necessary. Apart from that certificate stuff.



no telnet-server
ip ssh
ip ssh filetransfer
ip ssh public-key manager 'ssh-rsa MANAGER_PUBLIC_KEY Manager'
ip ssh public-key operator 'ssh-rsa OPERATAOR_PUBLIC_KEY Operator'
aaa authentication ssh login public-key

no tftp client
no tftp server
no dhcp config-file-update
no dhcp image-file-update
no dhcp tr69-acs-url

logging facility YOUR_SYSLOG_FACILITY
logging severity info
logging notify running-config-change
logging origin-id hostname

snmp-server community public restricted
snmp-server location "YOUR_LOCATION_HERE"

timesync ntp
ntp unicast
ntp server YOUR_NTP_SERVER iburst
ntp enable
time daylight-time-rule YOUR_DST_RULE


  ip address dhcp

management-vlan YOUR_MANAGEMENT_VLAN
ip source-interface all YOUR_MANAGEMENT_VLAN

# password manager
# password operator