Robin Laurén

Learning in Public

Speaking at Macaduk 2019

Aaaagh! I’m going to speak at a conference! And i haven’t even started writing my talk yet! And i thought i’d start writing it in January and it’s practically already February! Panic now!

On a more serious note, i am indeed going to take a huge step over my insecurity and talk about something that i do know a bit about, though the more i think about it, the less i feel i really know, so it’s imposters’ all around agian.


For some time now, i’ve been interested in security from an official standpoint. What does it mean when your government says something is confidential, restricted, secret or mythically top secret? Assuming these things do exist outside agent films, what should you do about them? And what should you do about your computer environment to keep your secret things secret and your confidential things confidential?

Also, can you get your computer up to government level security and still use it as a computer? And not break your budget, or lose your sanity, while doing so?

(spoiler: the answer to at least one of these questions is yes)