Robin Laurén

Learning in Public


I’m in an amateur theatre project, playing Pippi’s father Efraim Longstocking, in the Finns Sommarteater production Pippi Långstrump (that’s right, Pippi Longstocking). And i have a small role as Starke Adolf in that same play. If you’re fluent in Swedish, you can read all about my experiences in Efraims Logg.

Theatre has taught me to get over another threshold of public performance fear, and how to dance and sing (simultaneously) on stage while actually having fun. I was never much to learn things by heart, so learning my lines was also a bit of a challenge. These days, Pippi and i ad-lib most of our lines and it all works wonders. And i truly never grokked dancing. I still don’t dance, but at least i move in some kind of synchronisation with the rest of the people on stage, so i guess that’s something.

We play through June, which means it’s only this week left, after which i’ll be faced with vacation and a gaping social vacuum.

What Now?

Derek Sivers suggested one should have a now page on one’s blog to tell the world what one is doing now (as to remind oneself what one has decided to do, and to reduce unnecessary contacts from strangers … among other good reasons).