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The more Separator

TL;DR: To preserve html styling in summaries on hugo, use the tag <!--amore--> (removing the letter a) in your text.

I was looking at the summary page, which included my previous Hello, World! post and thought, well this looks crummy. Turns out that the hugo rendering engine strips all html from summaries. But there’s a (manual) way around it, and that is to insert the html comment <!--more-->, all lower case, no spaces, where you want the summary divider. The nice side effect of this is that your html will be preserved.

I can think of a technical reason to this – mainly that preserving well-formed html is hard when cutting a summary – but it feels a bit surprising anyway. But then again, being surprised is a nice side effect of learning things.

On a self-deprecating side note, i know this isn’t much of a discovery, but i really needed something to write about.