Robin Laurén

Learning in Public

Hello, World

Well would look at that – it’s a blog post!

I haven’t really toyed around with this thing for a while, but i somehow got the inspiration now, so why stop a good inspiration when you have it?

So what is this thing?

Well, it’s a web site, or more specifically a blog, which is generated and hosted on Gitlab and is built on a system called Hugo with the Kiera theme. Hugo eats markdown files. When i push these to to Gitlab, a little robot (a Runner in Gitlab parlance) translates it to a bunch of web pages and that’s what you’re seeing now (if you aren’t watching the markdown source).

I would actually want to have the pages end up on my web server rather than on Gitlab, but maybe i’ll be able to do something about that too once i learn some more. I might even write up something about that.

I wish i could write exactly what i did to get this thing running, but it’s based on efforts i did a year back and then refreshed today. But the much of the process is described here