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My Summer Vacation

This is a totally untechnical, unapologetically self-absorbed post.

A month back, i wrote a post “Help, it’s summer”, discussing (or rather, lamenting) how hard it can be to wind down and how i should “work” at allowing myself not to do anything work related – if i could only think of what that would be.

Well, all in all, i think i’ve done a pretty good job.

While i could write about the importance of having some spin-down time and its effects on the society as whole, i’ll just leave it as an exercise to the reader and jot a quick note on myself. I need to reboot my writing and this is an easy start.

First, i spent a week and a half at music camp with my kids. I even did some singing (sorry, terrible post). I then spent a week and a half at the cottage. The summer has been insanely warm this year, so being at the countryside is a plus. We’re next to the sea, which cools things down a bit. And then i went to Madrid with my son for the Speedcubing European Championships, which was even more insanely warm. And then another few days at the countryside before heading back to work.

And i’ve read a book, which is sadly unusual to me. I started blogging about it but haven’t finished the article just yet, which is way more usual to me :)

Sure, there were things that needed to be done back at the job, but frankly, i don’t mind. It’s been good to be on a break and it’s good do interesting things at work. Like untangling recursive dependencies with the CI after i updated a TLS certificate which only reached the CI server but not the git server it was connected to, after which it wouldn’t fetch more jobs and update the puppet server to eventually update the git server … but hey, who needs simple problems anyway? :)

(eventually, i solved it by copy-pasting between terminals, which didn’t make me proud but did make the CI server happy, so it’s a case of “whatever solves the problem”)